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The current position --- Talent recruitment
Langfang Kai Yee, you are welcome to join, is willing to work together with you to create a better future!
Working treatment:
1, the company provides competitive salary treatment; 8 hours / day, Sunday rest, statutory holidays according to the provisions of the holiday.
2, the company for each employee pay social insurance (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance); provides paid annual leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, maternity leave, statutory holidays, and a holiday allowance, generous year-end awards.
3, the company has a clean, sanitary staff canteen, with a comfortable, clean staff quarters (quarters with a TV, drinking fountains, water heater, support broadband Internet access, wireless internet access, etc.).
4, we provide clothes and shoes for each employee.
5, the company held a variety of activities each year (such as: the annual collective tourism, the Mid Autumn Festival staff dinner, etc.)
6, the company provides professional training and good personal development space, combination and regular rotation to Taiwan learning's trained by education and training, to improve the quality of personnel and technology.
Company recruitment information:
- regional sales (4)
Post qualification:
1, college degree or above, major is not limited, the president of the student union, vice president or more than 2 years of experience is preferred.
2, with good communication skills and language skills, logical analysis ability.
3, willing to engage in sales of the nature of the work. Personality, positive and optimistic, can hard-working, have a high degree of responsibility and professional integrity.
4, have a sense of responsibility, can withstand the pressure, willing to accept the challenge.
- Mechanical Engineer (2)
Post qualification:
1, can skilled use of CAD software mapping, can accurately and skillfully complete mechanical parts drawing, assembly drawing.
2, mechanical design and manufacturing or related professional graduate, college degree or above.
3, more than 3 years working experience, with non-standard equipment design experience is preferred.
4, serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and team spirit.
- Electrical Engineer (1)
Post qualification:
1, product electrical design: including electrical drawings, electrical components selection, PLC programming, etc.;
2, to guide the installation and commissioning of the field equipment, fault analysis, the operation of the problems in the process of solution;
3, the development of suitable for the unit of the electrical enterprise standards, including product information in order to file.
Post qualification:
2, electrical, automation control design and other related work experience more than 4 years;
5, familiar with CAD drawing, power distribution cabinet design, PLC programming, inverter and servo control system, such as automatic control technology;
6, have a strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation ability, communication skills.
- Process Supervisor (1)
Post qualification:
1, mechanical design and manufacturing or related professional graduate, college degree or above.
2, years of work experience, has the non - standard beverage equipment production experience is preferred.
3, familiar with stamping, welding, machining and assembly process is preferred.
4, serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, have a good spirit of innovation and team spirit.
- director of Finance (1)
Job responsibilities:
1, the organization of the company's accounting, financial analysis and financial analysis and provide professional advice.
2, the establishment of the company's accounting system, the development of accounting system and financial management system, and supervise the implementation.
3, presided over the daily financial, accounting and tax administration, management and supervision of the quality of the work of the foundation.
4, financial supervision, coordination of tax, financial and other departments, to provide financial statements and related financial information, to organize the formulation of the company's annual financial budget and final recommendations, the implementation of the annual budget management.
5, the preparation of the implementation of enterprise budget and final accounts, financial revenue and expenditure and financing plan, responsible for cost accounting and control.
6, regularly organize the inventory of assets, to ensure the safety of property.
7, to ensure the effective management of funds, accelerate capital turnover, check the effectiveness of the use of funds, to avoid the risk of capital and debt.
8, the completion of the financial settlement, accounting, reporting the financial implementation of the situation, to provide analysis of the management of the data.
9, the company listing and financing.
10, regular cleaning of current accounts, timely collection and settlement of payments, do check accounts, the audit work organization.
11, fully responsible for the accounting problems and tax coordination, and maintain good relationship with the bank and the tax authorities.
Job requirements:
1, with a bachelor's degree or above, or related qualifications / skills.
Five, with more than 2 years of financial management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises (Department Manager or above).
3, fair, composed of moral quality, strong sense of responsibility for financial work.
4, excellent financial analysis, management ability, can complete the operation of the company will meet all kinds of financial problems.
5, excellent capital management, the company can smooth the introduction of capital resources, deployment, management.
6, strong coordination / communication skills, so that the financial work is fast and efficient implementation.
7, strong planning / budget management skills, able to coordinate the completion of the company's budget management.
8, necessary relevant legal knowledge.
9, with senior financial and accounting titles and certified public accountant qualification is preferred.
- Finance Manager (1)
Job responsibilities:
1, management positions, to assist decision-making in the development of the company's financial policies, including financial management, cost management, budget management, accounting and accounting supervision and other aspects of the work;
2, the organization of the preparation of the annual financial budget and business plan, formulate, decomposition, issued a business indicators;
3, responsible for the financial aspects of the company's business and strategy, including the meeting








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