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Once Again SUNRISE & Qinglan (Yeliya) Reached The Second 30000BPH High Speed Aseptic Line Cooperation
Once Again SUNRISE & Qinglan (Yeliya) Reached The Second 30000BPH High Speed Aseptic Line Cooperation


New Cooperation: Turn-key Project Of 30000BPH PET Aseptic Line With Qing Lan

In the winter of 2016, Qinglan cooperated with SUNRISE for the first time, and the whole15000BPH aseptic cold filling production line was successfully put into production.In the spring after five years, with advanced technology, exquisite quality, innovative technology and perfect after-sales service, SUNRISE once again became attached to Qinglan, and reached a new turnkey project cooperation of 30000BPH PET aseptic cold filling production line.


Qinglan-focus on natural nutrition to create healthy drink

Qinglan (Guangdong) Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. owns Dongguan Wannianchun Industrial Co., Ltd., Huizhou Yelia Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. and BOLUO Yuanzhou Zhanhong Plastic Products Factory. It focuses on R & D, production and sales of fresh coconut juice, fresh ground soybean milk, Lactobacillus, latte coffee, honeysuckle herbal tea, plant drinks, juice drinks and other health products, Guangdong Province is one of the few to achieve integrated production of beverage companies.

Huizhou Yelia Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. covers an area of 68000 square meters, with two fully automatic and integrated hot filling lines,two three-piece can production lines, one aseptic cold filling production line and seven purified water production lines, which can produce 300000 tons of beverages annually. The second phase of the company will have another advanced aseptic cold filling aseptic production line, and the company will produce 400000 tons of beverages annually.

The companys development concept is safety, health, nutrition, good drink. Adhere to the rigorous business philosophy of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, sustainable development, demanding quality", highlight the theme of natural products, nutrition and health, adhere to the business tenet of quality for survival, reputation for development, and provide customers with high-quality products and professional personalized services. We firmly believe that "from nature, back to nature" is the inevitable trend of today's and future people's demands for healthy consumption, so we are always creating natural, green and healthy products to serve the vast number of consumers.

The company provides OEM business and sincerely invites food and beverage enterprises to discuss cooperation and seek common development. Hotline: Miss Huang 13922952113.


Aseptic Cold Filling Case Display

SUNRISE is located in Siyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu Province, which is a national park in the cross radiation area of Yangtze River Delta economic circle and Huaihai economic circle. It has nearly 80000 square meters of production base and complete supporting facilities. It is a modern enterprise which integrates technology research and development, product design, manufacturing, pre-sales and after-sales service, and provides "one-stop service" for the whole line project of food and beverage production line.

      As one of the few domestic enterprises with aseptic cold filling technology, SUNRISE has provided aseptic cold filling production lines for many enterprises, such as Huizhou Yelia, Jilin Tumenjiang pharmaceutical, Jiangsu Shangshou, Hebei Junbang, etc., and has been widely praised by customers.




New Generation Aseptic Cold Filling Performance

The aseptic cold filling production line ordered by Qinglan this time includes water treatment system, pre-deployment system, blowing-filling-capping integrated aseptic machine system and end packaging system. The aseptic cold filling production line matches our company's latest self-developed new generation of blowing-filling-capping  integrated aseptic machine system. The equipment optimizes the cleaning and sterilization technology, sealing and isolation technology, microbial detection and control technology, air purification technology, filling and sealing technology, automatic control technology and other aspects of soaking and flushing technology, so as to achieve the goal of filling materials Aseptic packaging environment and packaging containers, and ultimately ensure that the product to achieve commercial aseptic.


The machine is modularized, intelligent, easy to clean and precise to infuse. It is used in the production of acid drinks, neutral non-protein drinks and neutral protein drinks. At the same time, it realizes the function of adding fruit granules (28, 38 bottle mouth can be exchanged according to customer demand). There is no small cleaning in 72 hours, and the speed can reach 30000 BPH.





Hand In hand, Gather Momentum, Win-win

Thanks for Qinglan's friendship with kaiqis, let's continue to cooperate and win-win in the future.

After years of enjoyment, the SUNRISE never forget their original intention. SUNRISE aseptic cold filling technology will continue in-depth research and development in the aspects of beverage filling process, maintaining the nutritional flavor and color of beverage products, diversified design of product appearance, and reducing the cost of PET bottles. It will further expand to the linear dry aseptic machine system, improve the production capacity and meet the needs of more beverage manufacturers.











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