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SUNRISE In MayNo Struggle No Youth
SUNRISE In MayNo Struggle No Youth

May is coming, let us can not sigh time hurry, it has quietly gone through a third in 2021. Lets sum up what SUNRISE has done in the last four month, and this months keyword-no struggle, no youth.


Customer Trust

As a modern enterprise integrating technology research and development, product design, production and manufacturing, pre-sale and after-sales service, SUNRISE is dedicated to providing one-stop service for the whole line of food and beverage production line project, and to creating a one-stop service platform for liquid filling industry. SUNRISE with more than 10 years of liquid packaging industry accumulation of  technology and strength favored by the majority of customers.

In the first four months, SUNRISE had a number of production lines such as can filling production line and aseptic cold filling production line all over the country, and the equipment was being installed and debugged busily. At the same time, the factory had a number of orders such as can filling production line, carbonated beverage filling production line and high-speed aseptic cold filling production line, which were designed, produced and delivered in full swing.



Management Upgrade

The marketing center, the technology center, the production operation, the engineering after-sales service and other departments have carried out the optimization of the working process and the summary of the working mode in the early stage of 2021, so as to deepen the synchronization and collaboration. According to the market demand, SUNRISE changed the sales mode, increased the market share, and effectively improved the response speed of the whole supply chain from the front end of product sales to the back end of after-sales service.

No Struggle No Youth

In May, before the summer solstice;

In May, the blooming Sophora japonica;

In May, it is a season of struggle.

According to the company's new round of business strategy, SUNRISE optimizes team building, strengthens talent reserve, and absorbs young and high-quality fresh blood. SUNRISE team is young, high-quality, professional and efficient, singing the praises of youth without struggle, providing customers with satisfactory products and services, enabling the further development of the enterprise.










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