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Tour of Group Construction--Elite Team, Infinite Vitality
Tour of Group Construction--Elite Team, Infinite Vitality

League Building Time


As a modern enterprise specialized in providing "one-stop service" for the whole line project of food and beverage production line, Sunrise has been meeting all kinds of challenges along the way. In order to realize its dream,Sunrise has made great efforts to go with the wind and rain. In order to enhance the cohesion and overall centripetal force of the team, the company's marketing center organized a group construction tour with the theme of "efficient operation, tacit cooperation, elite team, unlimited vitality", which enriched the spare time life of employees, improved the ability of unity and cooperation among teams, and better served customers.


Elite Team, Infinite Vitality

At the group construction site of Warwolf Base, under the leadership of the coach, we carried out team building projects, such as team building group competition, real CS, warrior fight, kart, golf, etc. The activity scenes were both passionate, warm and harmonious. In each activity, the staff cooperated with each other tacitly, fully carried forward the spirit of private dedication, unity and cooperation, helped and encouraged each other, and showed their passion of youth.

Team Building


Group Confrontation





At noon, everyone gathered for dinner, self-sufficiency, many chefs shining on the stage.In the delicious food, we exchange feelings with each other. We sat around like old friends, put down the seriousness and tension of work, drank beer, rolled kebabs and talked. From the unity and cooperation in the group match and the division of labor and mutual assistance in barbecue, the partners personally felt the great strength of the team and the excitement of achieving the goal together.

Division of Labor & Mutual Assistance






Great Performance




Joke Instantly


Parents & Children Highlights


Let everyone in their spare time, harvest a happy family.

Looking Forward To All The Good Thing

Look at spring, walk in the years of thoughts! Years like sea, sometimes calm and surging, people moved and people feel! This group building activity has made the team members interdependent, together, mutual respect and mutual respect, and formed a trust relationship. Good cooperation atmosphere is the foundation of high-performance team, rich and diverse group building activities contribute to the better development of Sunrise.











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